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Dear Madam/Sir, We would like to bring to Your attention our products dry dog food from...

Dear Madam/Sir, We would like to bring to Your attention our products dry dog food from Spain. GLSDOGS & ZAC is a Spanish maker of dogs and cats food since 1988 : our products are at the top on a quality level and they have been studied in order to respond in the best way to the nutritional needs of our pet friends. In my website www.glsdogs.com you will find a more detailed explanation of the firm history and policy, as well as an overview of the different product typologies and the respective packaging that we offer. We are working on the international and national market and we are expanding in several foreign country, even if at the present time we don’t have a distributional network in Your country : therefore we are looking for companies interested in the distribution in Your area. We will contact You in the next days in order to explore a possible interest, anyways we remain at your complete disposal for any further information.

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Paula Lopez Manager Director GLSDogs & ZAC +34 63065762 paula@glsdogs.com www.glsdogs.com

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