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InfoPath No More!

Make 2019 the year you move off InfoPath to a modern, rich, mobile-friendly forms solution. As you probably know… Microsoft ended development of InfoPath Forms with InfoPath 2013, leaving people who had developed forms – sometimes 1000’s! – to develop a new plan.

To help you, we’ve created an online guide with practical easy steps to follow.

With the InfoPath Replacement Guide: The Time is Now you will learn how to:

• Catalog the InfoPath Forms

• Review and Refine the Catalog

• Replace InfoPath Forms with NITRO Forms

Our recently released NITRO Studio, with its built-in NITRO Forms & Workflows, turns out to be one of the most viable options for moving off InfoPath. You can easily replace old forms with NITRO Forms that retain or replicate — or better yet, improve on — the functionality that the InfoPath forms provide.

Download your complimentary 30-day trial of NITRO Studio and see how easy it is to create forms and workflows that can replace your InfoPath forms. Contact for more information.

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