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Dear Sir, INTRODUCTION LETTER I wish to introduce our company to you. The above-mentioned...

Dear Sir,


I wish to introduce our company to you.

The above-mentioned agency is an established agency registered in Kenya, with experienced and skilled Human resources.

We are, actually, registered with all relevant authorities as per rules and regulations of the government of Kenya. (Copies of Licences and other documents are attached).

We, therefore, kindly submit our request to you, so that we can co-operate and work together in supplying manpower from our country.

We can possibly supply you with good experienced Security Guards, who can communicate in English. We wish to assure you that: 1. We will avail all the required labour force according to visas sent to us, thus, deploy the labours according to the specifications of the clients. 2. Shall deploy the labours within a period of 30 days from the date of receiving the required documents. 3. Within 3 months, after reaching the Kingdom, we shall be liable to the cost of worker replacement, in case of any worker found medically unfit to perform the designated work, or refuse to work or escaped.

Should you accept our request, please send us your your demand letter as well as Agreement for us to sign it at the earliest possible. Preferably by our E-mail address.

We are looking forward to working together for the mutual benefit of our people.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours

A. M. Abdalla

Managing Director NAIM INVESTMENTS LTD. P O BOX: 80249 MOMBASA 80100 KENYA. TEL: FAX: 254412317883 CELLPHONE: +254720931164 EMAIL: EMAIL:

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