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bad staff ever, delusion information, some staff not taking customers reviews seriously,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Sir,

This complaint about an order been replaced at one of AlZain stores in the heart of its origin. Kingdom of Bahrain – City Centre.

In January 2019, I replaced an order fro a necklace and earrings with Mr. Harvinder as he told me that time that he’ll make the pieces and order it, then if it’s suit me I’ll take it. I explained to him that I’m always traveling and busy so when it’s finished inform me as I’ll pass by to see it. We approved and by his assurances I told him if possible to make the ring too. So, he done with bangle also.

By this, I visited the store at 22/2/2019 and saw the pieces and informed him that I’ll took all of them except the bangle and would like to tighten the ring on a sample I’ll bring it later and calculate the weights and wrote it on paper and I paid a deposit of 100 BHD to confirm the order.

After a week as been agreed, I brought the ring as he told me to tighten it going to take around a couple of weeks. So, I told him I’ll come at late March 2019 and confirmed with him about some scratches on the pieces that at time of receiving everything to be perfect.

On Wednesday 20/3/2019, I received a call from Mrs. Narjes and informed me that Mr. Harvinder on training for two weeks and your pieces are ready to collected as I called her back and confirmed with her about the weights precisely and the amount to be paid and the scratches as she confirmed it many times and I agreed with her that on Saturday 23/3/2019 I shall come at 10 am to pay and collect as everything been confirmed. She told me that her duty will start at 11 am and she’ll try to come earlier a little bit and informed me that Mr. Harvinder will be there in morning and we agreed to meet there even if arrived earlier I’m going to check the pieces till her arrival and we discussed about the “QubQub” from Sarmad collection that I planned earlier to buy it as one of my clients asked about it and agreed with her to discuss it at the store but unfortunately not her not even Mr. Harvinder been there.

What happened and here are the complaint were:

• The weight of each piece was different on the device and on the tags even the staff weighed it twice.

• Mrs. Narjes promised to come and told Mr. Harvinder will come and all of this was false and fake.

• The finishing of the earrings was not equal and when I discussed it with Mr. Abdulrahman he opined that it’s not a big difference and he doesn’t saw that much difference. I think that pieces been paid by me not him and it’s my right as a customer to get a best quality from AlZain as we knew it and to not satisfy by these kind of dealing and decencies. Even earlier there was some of it on the ring.

• As we knew that AlZain not making any pieces from used gold and it’s only make it from a new gold which avoid by this any scratches on the pieces especially big ones. Those pieces contain as much scratches as you can count even it’s new.

• Even Mr. Abdulrahman told her by the phone that I’m waiting on the store, and even when she – I think arrived later- she didn’t bothered herself or Mr. Harvinder – if he came- to call me or even apologize.

• They not taking customers reviews and comments seriously and feel us as we have to buy.

Unfortunately, by such attitudes, such delusion tags and references, such treatment, such unprofessionally ways that represent one of the most unparalleled jewelers in the GCC that we don’t used to it especially from AlZain.

I’m firmly looking to discuss the matter thoroughly with me and I’m ready to discuss it at the office and been informed earlier because such situations should be corrected as it’s not allowed to anybody and any trading company.

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