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1.T -shirts (round / polo) --- Good Quality --- with 4 colour printing (print area size)...

1.T -shirts (round / polo) --- Good Quality --- with 4 colour printing (print area size) ------- 500 Nos. 2. T-Shirts (round / polo) ---- Ordinary Quality--- with 4 colour printing (print area size) ------10,000 Nos. 3. Cotton Bags -- jute Bags ----- with printing (30x30x20)----50000 Nos.

  1. USB ---Flash 2GB-with printing -----------------------1000pcs 2000pcs


  1. Plastics Pen -ordinary with one colou rprinting--------------5000 pcs
  2. Caps Ordinary --- with printing -one colour-----5000pcs
  3. Wrist Band --Friendship Band with 1 colour Printing------5000pcs ( 3-4 months delivery)

  4. Note Pad ----A5 size ---- with 50 pages -----------5000 pcs

Please send me the prices for above as soon as possible.

Please note the following :

Need : All prices rate for Screen Printing T- shirts Back side printing ------ T--shirts Front side printing T- shirts-- front back both sides printing

Logo as per on the Bag

Same EWA -- one Logo will be on the all places except Bags

Bag will be same 3 logos /or same printing as per sample (BAG COLOUR)

USB also ----ordinary type --- 2 GB with one colour printing (USB Colour)

Caps with one colour printing

Note pad -A5 size --- with Normal type -- one colour printing

for further details you can contact me

Thanks regards

Zulfikar 39225859 National Photo Services

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