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Consider us here at Kony.... Kony provides a unique solution to your digital field service issues. Here are some examples:

• Your Processes – apps built specifically for your existing procedures and operations

• Your Backend Systems – quickly map app data from existing systems of record

• Flexible add prebuilt or custom features when needed

• Affordable and Fast – assemble apps from pre-built components for rapid development at an affordable price

• Low Risk – Enterprise-grade integration, scalability, and security based on our industry-leading platform

Take a look at one of our microapps for field inspections in this video to get an idea of the foundational building blocks we use to accelerate your solution.

Let me know if you have 15 minutes to see if we can help get you a quick digital field service win.

Kind regards,

Taylor Murray, Business Development

(m) 202-651-1351 | |

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