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Project: BAPCO PTO works (PTO 06-15-15) Subject: 5D bending 6” (45° - 4 Nos 90°-2 Nos) ...

Project: BAPCO PTO works (PTO 06-15-15) Subject: 5D bending 6” (45° - 4 Nos 90°-2 Nos)

With reference to the above referred job, please q uote your most competitive offer to carry out 5D bending on the free issued material as required and as per the attached Drawing. Scope of work Contractor to carry out the above works at the contractor woks shop and a bending procedure to be provided for BAPCO approval. MCSC will deliver the pipe material as free issued. Contractor scope includes, cutting to the required length, forming and return of the balance material along with the collection (By MCSC). QTY required. • 90° R 5D Bends 6” Sch 40/STD 2 Nos • 45° R 5D Bends 6” Sch 40/STD 4 Nos Please provide the unit rate for each item. All the insulation works to be completed within 10 days after handover the job to the insulation crew. Should you require any further information, please contact our Estimation Manager Mr. Adi Krishna/ on tel. #17623723, mob 3 9470013 email / Estimation Engineer Mr. Ganesh Kumar on tel. # 17623723, mob 3 9913255 email

Thank you and looking forward to receiving your offer on or before 12thJuly 2015.

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