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DRIDIH DENT Dental – Dental Implant Tourism BUKAREST --...

DRIDIH DENT Dental – Dental Implant Tourism BUKAREST -- ROMANIA

To Whom It May Concern My name is MITACU HORIA and I am the marketing manager at a dental clinic in Romania specialized in dental tourism. We are looking for people interested in promoting our business in Europe, UK. Dental services that we are offering are of the highest quality and our prices are up to 6 times lowest than in the rest of Europe. We provide patients besides dental services, also accommodation and travel packages all inclusive. Those who want to represent us will have the opportunity to develop their own business without investment. Revenues will be limited only by your desire to engage, representing a percentage of the treatment for each patient recruited. This percentage, even at our very low prices, canbring you revenue per patient. For more details or any other information about us please visit our websites:

Dr. Dorin Risnoveanu tel. (0040723) 361 347- english ;

DRIDIH DENT Dental – Dental Implant Tourism BUKAREST -- ROMANIA With the adhesion to the European Union, Romania has become an interesting destination for business, travels and simultaneously solving dental problems at much lower prices and a quality similar to other European countries.

Quality of the dental treatment in Romania is often even higher than in developed countries. During the last years there have been extensive investments in equipment performance, highest quality materials as well as in specialization courses. Dental tourism may reach high levels in our country due to the low cost of interventions. In Romania, according to the case, the price of most treatments can get to be 4-6 times lower than, for example, in the UK, Germany and Italy.

With our dental tourism programs, patients from other countries and Romanians residing abroad, have the opportunity to visit the picturesque regions of Romania, benefitting at the same time from a complete dental treatment for much more attractive prices than in the countries in Western Europe. We offer Romanian patients in other countries as well as foreign patients the opportunity to benefit from our elite services.

In short, all you have to do is send us the following items via email:

A dental radiography based on which we will perform the consultation at a distance. The budget you are willing to allocate for the tourism in Romania. The period in which you are available to make the trip Selection of the hotel class related to the accommodation for the period of your stay and your favorite forms of entertainment or your hobbies.

Subsequently, we will provide you with the following information via email:

Establishing the treatment plan (duration and hours) Establishing an estimative cost for the dental treatment and dental work Establishing the routes (seaside, mountain, cities, historical, religious sites, etc.) depending on the sessions with the dentist and the costs for visiting the sites Providing accommodation for advantageous prices Drawing up the papers for the reimbursement of the medical services with the Health Insurance Fund where you have concluded your insurance. Other proposals for spending leisure time in Bucharest and in Romania. Dr. Dorin Risnoveanu tel. (0040723) 361 347- english General and Implant Dentists

Seeking for the following positions: 1)Area/Regional Manager 2)Operations Manager 3)Duty...

Seeking for the following positions: 1)Area/Regional Manager 2)Operations Manager 3)Duty Manager


OBJECTIVE To work as a professional in an organization that offers opportunities for merit based advancement & to contribute maximum result to the growth & progress of a company by utilizing one's organizational & managerial skills.

PERSONAL DETAILS • Name Waleed Mohamed Amanalla Mohamed Sadeq • Nationality Bahraini • Sex Male • Marital Status Single • Date of Birth 29/6/1968 • Passport Number 1862809 • Contact Number +973 39456065 • Driving License Yes • Email • Address House:524 / Road:2910 / Block:929 / East Roffa / Bahrain

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS • Muharraq Secondary Technical School - 1986

ACADEMIC TRAININGS 1. Delmon Academy • Introduction to Personal Computer. • Introduction to MS Windows.

  1. Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance • Introduction to Insurance. • Transportation. • Communication Skills.

  2. Kanoo Training Centre • Intermediate English - Level 3A. • Intermediate Writing & Speaking Skill.

  3. Intercontinental Regency Hotel – Trainings • Hotel Orientation. • Strategic Selling (1). • Strategic Selling (2). • Introduction to Accounting – 1. • Service Leadership Training. • The Foundation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). • Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Level 1&2.

  4. Golden Trust Training Institute (Al Safir Hotel & Tower) • Management Skills. • Emotional Intelligence.

TECHNICAL SKILLS • Adaptive to new work situation with a great deal of energy, drive & initiative. • Highly dependable with excellent organization & time management skills. • Focus on what needed to be done & then believe in doing it. • Excellent communication abilities (writing & verbal). • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines. • Excellent in anticipating potential problems. • Proficient in windows operating system.

EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE (starting from the recent) 1. Isfahani Restaurants (Temporary Contract -Bahrain) * Working as an Area Manager (Restaurant & Catering Operations) from Sep. 2010 to present.

Duties & Responsibilities: • Conduct daily visits to 6 restaurant branches to ensure smooth running of the daily operations. • Attend to human resources issues including staff & workers supervision, daily attendance, absenteeism, punctuality, cleanliness, appearance, job satisfaction & performance appraisal. • Inspection of equipments, installations, furniture, fixture & utilities to ensure proper functioning & maintenance. • Inspection of interior & exterior to ensure cleanliness & hygienic status of the premises. • Participate with the management in developing menus & prices structure. • Assist the management in periodic evaluation of quality of food & quality of services. • Participate with the management in conducting promotional & marketing activities for both the restaurant functions & the catering. • Supervise outside catering activities to ensure timely delivery & proper buffet arrangements. • Attend to customer's complaints & suggestions & make recommendations to management.

  1. Al Safir Hotel & Tower (Bahrain)
  2. Worked as a Sales Manager in the Sales & Marketing Dept. from Feb. 2008 to July 2010.

Duties & Responsibilities: • Identify prospective accounts & establish goals for key accounts by analyzing historical data & other statistical information & also by conducting accounts interviews & preparing customer action plans. • Attend fairs in order to represent the hotel & region within both according to the action plan within the business/marketing plan of the hotel. • Manage the total sales efforts within the area sales office to generate pro-actively revenue. • Ensure the hotel consistently disposes of adequate, motivated & skilled personnel within the sales team. • Care that sales office administration & filing is properly organized & according to the standards. • Coordinate & work closely with room's division manager. • All office & print material for advertising & promotion (fairs).

  1. Intercontinental Regency Hotel (Bahrain)
  2. Worked as a Sales Manager in the Sales & Marketing Dept. from August 2000 to December 2007.

Duties & Responsibilities: • Maintain a high level of exposure in the hotels major market areas through direct sales solicitation, telephone contacts & written communications. • Implement all sales action plans related to the market segment as outlined in the revenue plan. • Establish & maintain files on major active accounts within the market segment in accordance to IHG Hotels key accounts management concept. • Provide feedback to the DOSM on changing market conditions including trends in the competition as a result of direct sales solicitation, telephone & direct mailing in market areas. Assist in conducting Fam/Site inspection trips to the Hotel by major clients. • Plan sakes trips under the direct approval of DOSM to major marketing areas calling on accounts within their specific market segment & report to the DOSM on potential markets needing coverage. Establish & maintain effective employee relations. • Disseminate sales related information to other departments as appropriate.

  1. Gulf Air (Bahrain)
  2. Worked as a Flight Attendant from Jan. 1989 to Oct. 1991.

SKILLS • Word • Excel • Fidelio • Outlook

LANGUAGES KNOWN • Arabic • English • Farsi • Hindi

HOBBIES • Traveling • Drawing

SPORTS • Table Tennis • Chess • Volleyball • Walking & Jogging