Privacy Policy

We value your privacy very much and we never sell or trade or your visit information to companies outside Kindly read below about some types of data we collect when a user visits our site.

Visit/Visitor Archive and Log Files

Similarly to a majority of other websites we collect visit information from web server log files. Once a visitor visits our site we have access to the user's IP address, browser type (e.g., Firefox or Inter. Explorer), visit time, visit duration, and what pages the user viewed on our website.

Cookies and/or Web Beacons

We use cookies to store information regarding users' visits. This allows our staff to know what users had multiple visits, what content is popular, etc.

We also place ads by 3rd parties to financialy support our site. Some of the third parties involved here may use cookies and/or web-beacons (as long as they place ads on our site). The third parties often use this information for so-called "geotargeting" to improve marketing efficiency. For example, if the user is from Bahrain then ads for a Bahrain real estate may show up; or our advertisers may serve sports ads to a user who often visits pages with content focusing on sports.

You, the user, have an option to turn off "cookies" on your computer - this can be done in the security options section of your browser or via software programs (e.g. Norton Internet Security).