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No cost Enterprise Platform

Managing broken mobile devices can be a pain. The impact can be significant; employee productivity, help desk time and effort, IT time to facilitate repairs, procurement and AP time to facilitate order and payment all add up to extraordinary cost, not to mention the potential security nightmares on top of it all. Unduit Wireless can take all that pain away:

• No cost Enterprise Platform for 30-second repair orders locally, regionally, nationally for all your cell phones, tablets, and laptops

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Abortion pills in Bahrain

I need to get abortion pills here in Bahrain. I am a foreign citizen (USA) and I'd like to see what my options are here. I can always get stuff from overseas but I'd like to explore local pharmacy options first. We've arrived here about two weeks ago and will be here for next 14 months, and I'd need to get some help with this. Abortion pills may be tricky to get, especially in Bahrain, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So, let me know:

  • Are abortion pills legal in Bahrain

  • Can I get the pills somewhere

  • Where?

  • What's the price for abortion pills and any treatment that's necessary

  • Do you do home delivery

  • Do I need to have a prescription

  • Who is allowed to prescribe abortion pills in Bahrain?

Please let me know

Abortion pills in Bahrain Pharmacy

A couple of questions here regarding Abortion pills in Bahrain Pharmacy.

First of all, is it legal. Can I buy it legally and and I going to get in trouble if I buy it. Both me and my husband are OK with this approach and I'd like to see if there are any legal limitations as it relates to buying it.

Second, I'd like to know the price and delivery methods. Ideally, I'd like to have it shipped as I prefer not to show up at the counter and ask for it. Can I order via phone?

On price, it'd be great if you can specify the name of the product and the price you charge for selling it.

Thank you in advance.

Sanera Pharmaceuticals - Branded, Unlicensed Oncological/Orphan Drug Supplier from Turkey

To whom it may concern,

Sanera Pharmaceuticals & Research is a young and dynamic company, registered by Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic. Our main line of business is export & import of multinational branded pharmaceutical products, diabetic test strips & devices, cosmetic dermal fillers (ex. Botox) and orphan drugs.

SANERA exports to more than 80 countries all around world. Pfizer, Roche, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Sanofi, Abbott, Novartis, Bristol Myers, Boehringer, Allergan, J&J, Bayer, Gilead, Merck Sharp are our main suppliers.

In addition, we provide a rich variety of generic products manufactured by Turkish pharmaceutical companies.

We are also capable of supplying for clinical trials, governmental tenders, hospital lines, orphan drugs and unregistered items from different markets of the world due to our broad and sophisticated supplier network.

Besides we have a sister company in Germany, Cologne called CGN Pharma GmbH therefore we can supply you EU lines as well.

We would like to discuss the business opportunities with your esteemed company.

We are looking forward to co-operate with you and offer our wide array of services to you.



Dear Mr Khalil;

Dear Mr Khalil;

I hope you are all fine.

I am now living in Geneva since 2007 with my wife and hope you are prospering in your business, how is Sadek doing? And Majeed. May be I can see you one day here in Geneva, as I remember you travel sometimes to Novartis and Serono.

Kindest Regards,


Licopharma s.r.l. is a cosmetic company in Italy, we produce cosmetics for face and body, we are...

Licopharma s.r.l. is a cosmetic company in Italy, we produce cosmetics for face and body, we are looking exclusive distributor in your country. Please send us your e-mail address, so we can send all the information about collaboration. Our e-mail is: Best regards Salvatore Boscarello – export manager