Palace Enterprises, a company in Manama

PO Box:
1581 Mam
Telephone number:
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Dear Mss. Hishig, we are an Italian company , Camilletti Argenterie Srl. and we are in the...

Dear Mss. Hishig, we are an Italian company , Camilletti Argenterie Srl. and we are in the market from 1973 . We are manufacturers of silverware and in our large collections, you can find photo frames, cristalware, glassware, baby lines, figurines , icons and a lot of others articles. In our processes, we use only pure silver 999°°° and all the products are in a very nice gift box with guarantee certificates and are marked according to the European law So, I kindly invite you, to visit our web site and I hope that you will find it attractive for your customers. I belive that we have a big potential for your market and our cooperation will be profitable for both .

Following the customer number and password , that will allow you, to access the reserved area of the collections De MARCO and Thilia Argenti.

Customer number: 999401 Password: 999401248

in this area you will find also the price list

Our best selling condition : 35%% discount

If you will need more informations, please call me or e-mail me whenever you want. Awaiting for your comments, I send you my best regards.

Romano Sagni

PS: I w'd like to invite you to visit our company on the next edition of AMBIENTE FRANKFURT, that will be in Frankfurt from 13 to 17 of February 2015, at the Pavillon 4.1 Booth J 07

We will exhibit a selection of our products and all the new collections. I kindly ask you to confirm your attendance

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