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Dear Sir / Madam, We are pleased to introducing ourselves as a leading cultivator...

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are pleased to introducing ourselves as a leading cultivator, manufacturer of Natural Henna Powder & Natural Herbs Products in Bulk & Consumer packing since 1979.

Henna and Herbs products :For body art and hair color.

  1. Natural Henna Leaves whole and Crushed.
  2. Natural Henna Powder.
  3. Natural Red Henna Powder.
  4. Neutral Henna ( Cassia) Powder.
  5. Natural Indigo ( Basma ) Powder.
  6. SPA - Organic henna powder for hair color and body art - tattoo.
  7. Ayurveda Remedies : Hair colors.
  8. Henna soft hair color powder.
  9. Henna hair dye powder. 10.Instant Henna Paste cone. 11.Cosmetic grade Herbs powder for skin and hair care. 12.Herbal Henna powder. 13.Senna leaves, Pods whole and powder. 14.Seeds -Trading. 15.Henna Seeds.

Our experience has enabled us to provide our customers a total solution for creating new brands with high product image, which is so good and closed enough to compete with those of International brands.

Our vision is to open a global network to those who we can share the same philosophy and concept of bringing the users Health, Beauty and Nature.

If you feel interested in our business, please contact & join us.

Thanks / regards,

Mr. Pardhuman Sharma Marketing Manager GAJRAJ MEHANDI UDYOG Cultivator, Manufacturer : Henna and Herbal Products. Gajraj Estate, National Highway-14, SOJAT CITY - 306104, INDIA. Phone:+ 91 2960 222152 Fax: + 91 2960 222545 Mail : Member : Chemixcil - India.

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