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June Wanjugu Obote 13/88 Nelson St. Auckland Central, Auckland New Zealand To Chief Executive...

June Wanjugu Obote 13/88 Nelson St. Auckland Central, Auckland New Zealand

To Chief Executive Officers & Heads Of Organizations

Monday, 30 May 2011

Re: Time, Clock Repair & Sexual Abuse – A Plea For Help

Many years ago, when I still lived at Jamhuri Estate with my mother and family, we kept a cream coloured clock in our home. One day, the clock would not work, and my stepfather decided to repair it by himself, without taking it to a repair shop. Now he typically didn’t do much repair work, including car repairs etc, and so the decision on his part to repair the Swiss made clock was a strange one. Most clocks in Kenya were Swiss made clocks. As you might suspect, he was unable to repair the clock, and to add to the bizarre circumstances, rather than discard it or even take it to a qualified clock repair shop, he opted to store the clock in my bedroom on a plate which he got from the kitchen. What do you think of that? I’ve now of course learnt that time was a critical element in my life, and later on, when the clock was still in my wardrobe, a thought suddenly occurred to me that he would be unable to stop time. Well I think that he was speaking to me telepathically, but why would he need to stop time? You might now say that we were moving towards a schedule of torturing me. The unanswered questions include just what he wanted to do with Obote’s daughter, and just what was the problem? Remember that my aunt, Mrs. Abishag Wambui Wang’ombe and her family also lived at Jamhuri Estate, and it was she who through her conversation, informed me that Americans refer to wardrobes as closets. They also use the term to refer to sexual perversion which people want to hide and not disclose publicly. She has a nasty way of making accusations. Just why would she think that a sexual closet is relevant in my life? I hate her bitterly for creating the lesbian attack on my life which started in Texas.

Other time keeping puzzles in my life include include the Bulova trademark of watches. During my childhood, both my mother and stepfather wore only Bulova watches which they bought during their visits to Europe. After one such visit, my stepfather told me that he’d asked a British watch shop in London for a Bulova with a calendar or date. The watch shop which was actually owned specifically by an Englishman, told him that they only specialized in chronometers. This morning, while searching for Bulova on my computer, the watch company showed up as the manufacturer of several mantel and wall clocks, such as the one which had malfunctioned at Jamhuri Estate, but there were no wristwatches. The company appears to be an American company. During my previous search for Bulova, which took place several years ago, the company had a home address on Long Island in New York State. Curiously, that’s where Balchem Corporation moved to after I left the company in early 2002, just prior to moving to New Zealand. My boss at Balchem Corporation you remember was an Englishman named Dr. Paul Richardson who’d studied at Manchester in Britain. I’m still curious about his degree, because Manchester is where one of my high school chemistry teachers, Mr. Onyango. He was a Ugandan Luo and a Libra. He also used to wear a light blue scarf in July when it gets a bit chilly in Kenya, and he once mentioned some British football (soccer) teams whom he’d followed while studying. After that last search, I wrote to Bulova, probably to their offices on Long Island and I believe to their Mexican offices as well. Now remember that it was during the 1970’s when lived at Jamhuri Estate, and so I don’t know whether Bulova was an American company even then. When I lived in the United States of America, most watches which were sold there were American or Japanese made and not European. I never once saw a Bulova watches in those two decades.

My very first watch was a birthday present from my late grandmother, Mrs. Lilian Wanjugu Baaru. She gave me an Oris watch with a blue face. At that time, Oris was a popular name for watches in Kenya. Many of them were also made with radium element, so that they would be visible in the dark. Mine wasn’t, but I believe that her watch, which had a white face, did. My Oris had a leather strap when it was bought, but when that became worn, my mother or stepfather replaced it with a silver metal strap. Since that time, I’ve always favoured metal straps to leather. While living at Caldwell in New Jersey, I bought a gold watch from a company called Jules Jurgensen. The watch manufacturer used to advertise on TV, and that’s how I learnt of the name. My watch had a thin gold strap, and it lasted until I reached Texas where it stopped working one Saturday morning due to water inside the glass face. I’ve no idea how the water got there.

Sincerely, June Wanjugu Obote

June Wanjugu Obote 13/88 Nelson St. Auckland Central, Auckland New Zealand

To Chief Executive Officers & Heads Of Organizations Friday, 27 May 2011

Re: Driving, Payment of Taxes & Sexual Abuse – A Plea For Help

During my final months in New Jersey, after I’d been released by Warner Lambert, I was surprised when the state attacked my driving. Actually, the letter which I received was signed by the Municipality of West Caldwell, who were located on Clinton St. in West Caldwell. As a result, I cannot be completely sure that the American presidency was not involved in the attack, since the president of the day was Mr. Bill Clinton who soon after I arrived in Texas was impeached by Congress, but managed to retain his job. When the letter arrived, it was almost time for me to drive to Texas, and during my drive there, while driving through Tennessee which is the home state of Mr. Clinton’s vice president, Mr. Al Gore, I was issued a driving ticket by a police officer. During my drive, I was accompanied by my mother who sat in the passenger’s seat, and she pleaded with the police officer to “forgive us”. Little did I know just what a nightmare was about to unfold in Texas. Mr. Gore by the way, has to be considered as the patron politician of tobacco growers, and he is also a veteran of the Vietnam War. I therefore question the motives of that war, and it appears to have been a campaign to force cigarettes on Asians. Here in New Zealand, it’s not escaped my notice that former coworkers at Budget Rent A Car smoked often. They were all female and black, belonging to the Maori, Samoan and Tongan groups of New Zealand. My annoyance and aggravation from their smoking habit stemmed from the fact that they were give two extra breaks so that they could smoke, in addition to the two breaks which were granted to all employees. Those breaks were of 10 minutes’ duration, and not the 15 minutes which are normally granted by most companies where I’ve worked. Later at GE Money, Jason Li, a Chinese man smoked, and so did the Samoan called Asgar Shane Mamoe. They too were granted two extra breaks. All in all, the impression which I got was that smoking was used to perpetuate the political impression that black employees are not as productive as whites, due to the which they take off to smoke. Other smokers whom I’ve met include Dr. Tony Anthony and Mr. Robert (Bob) Edgar Saville, both of whom worked at Warner Lambert. That company once promoted a smoking cessation product. Jason Li used to take his lunches in the break room, but I think that Mamoe used to leave the building. While at Budget Rent A Car, that company’s managing director, a Ms. Kathryn O’Neill, once held a meeting during which she revealed statistics of how the company was doing. She said that Budget Rent A Car was very unproductive in comparison to Avis Rent A Car, the division from which the call centre manager, Mr. Michael Malcolm, had been promoted. He’s a white man of English ancestry. You would be correct if you believed that I resent those black women, as well as Mamoe, for not being careful about racial relations and sexual attacks, and the stigma due to colour which can be caused by carelessness. Jason Li was also subject to such stigma.

After I left Budget Rent A Car, I wrote about smoking to an Israeli newspaper, because I’d read that the former Israeli prime minister, Ms. Golda Meir, was a heavy smoker. The article said that the Jewish woman had been born in Russia, but had then migrated to Israel where she became the Head of the Government. Jews as you know, are descended from East Africans, as black New Zealanders are.

The Israeli government is relevant to my driving, because another prime minister, the late Mr. Menachim Begin, was shot to death by an assassin on the day that I’d schedule my 1992 Toyota Camry for service at Caldwell Toyota. One of the workers there was a man named Matthew, and he was very rude, I’m now wondering if his job there was in any way

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