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20 April 2015 To : Managing Director / General Manager ...

20 April 2015

To : Managing Director / General Manager

Juma Abd Mohamed Sons B.S.C. (c)

Subject: Request for Appointment Meeting

Dear Sir,

Good Day

My name is Nesomer G. Omongos – HSE/Safety Specialist/Inspector of NCS (Najjar Consultancy Services) and I am contacting you in behalf of NCS which is an established management and technical consulting office which specialized in providing various technical management support, feasibility studies, management systems, professional training and specialty consultancy services in the field of:

· Utilities Infrastructures

· Oil Gas

· Piping Pipelines

· Safety Fire Protection

· Energy Systems

· Plants Operation Maintenance Systems

· Maintenance Management System

· Manufacturing Management System

For Fire Safety Services, NCS provides the following:

· Review Certification of Fire Protection Design

· Fire Safety Inspections ( Comprehensive 3rd Party Report )

· Development of Custom Safety Inspection Checklists

· Review of Safety Management Schemes Hierarchy

· Develop of Safety Operational Model

· Responsibility Matrix

· Safety Infrastructures Planning

· Establishment of Safety Regulations Guidelines

· Emergency Management / Response Plan

· Key Assets Protection

· Safety Security Requirements Through Phases

· Natural Risk Assessment

· Fire Risk Assessment

· Fire Scenario Assessment

· Event Analysis

· Fire Explosion Magnitudes Characteristics

· Fire Consequence Analysis

· Mitigation Strategy Recommendations

· General Fire Protection Requirements

· Single Multiple Fire Design Concepts

· Egress Evacuation Requirements

· Egress Path Overview

· Egress Duration Estimates

· Traffic Safety Risk Overview

· Health Environment Safety

· Workers Social Impact

· Planning for Construction Safety

· Preliminary Fire Sizing

I appreciate Sir if we can meet together with me our NFPA-CFPS (National Fire Protection Association –Certified Fire Protection Specialist) at a mutually convenient time to talk about our company services capabilities. We will be happy if you can give us an appointment in your most convenient time.

We are very hopeful to get a positive response from your side soon.

Thank you for your consideration and your time. I am looking forward to meet you.


Nesomer G. Omongos HSE/Safety Specialist/Inspector Najjar Consultancy Services (NCS) - Bahrain

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