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Thank you for super quality food. Sadly your delivery times which now in excess of 2 hours...

Thank you for super quality food. Sadly your delivery times which now in excess of 2 hours, caused me to cancell my order through shear frustration and lack of communications. (29 Jun 2012), after repeated calls to you with no delivery. Your company surely needs to look at this with your delivery employees in my humble opinion. Also I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO BEING CALLED 7 TIMES AFTER 11 PM BY (+973 36759344)I guess the delivery employee's phone.Very bad manners which generally reflects poorly on the good name of your company.This has been going on some time and steadilly getting worse, with the foods arriving cold.The carefree attitude of the delivery employee is clearly shown on his face. Who is the customer here. Dont treat us all as being a joke, we all enjoy our food and respect the privillege of a delivery service, but hey, it is no good if it does not work and leads to utter frustrations all round. Thanks for great food served at your place which I still intend to use, but not the take away delivery service anymore.have a great day. I and my friends lost out by missing the so well prepared and tasty food.

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