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Dear Sir/Madam; HASTAVUK is the biggest layer and broiler hatching eggs producer in Turkey since...

Dear Sir/Madam;

HASTAVUK is the biggest layer and broiler hatching eggs producer in Turkey since 1972. All Hatching eggs are produced in our companies owned farms and facilities with the quality of world market. The products of HASTAVUK are shown in below;

LOHMANN WHITE LSL - Day old Chicks LOHMANN BROWN LB - Day old Chicks Layer Hatching Eggs LSL LB

Broiler Hatching Eggs COBB 500 Broiler Old Day Chicks COBB 500

Broiler Hatching Eggs ROSS 308 Broiler Old Day Chicks ROSS 308

Layer and Broiler Feed Concentrate Table Egss - White and Brown Chicken Meat

HASTAVUK is the first producer in poultry business that exports its goods to foreign market. We have acknowledge in exporting our products in European, Middle Eastern and Northern African countries.

By your inquiries, you may freely contact us via e-mail and skype with our products by quantities and delivery schedule. It will be pleasure to supply and support you by our long-ranged and high quality products. We provide you the best price and best service all over the world.

If you try once, you will see the difference...

(We kindly recommend you yo visit our website ; )

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,,


Foreign Trade Dept.

HASTAVUK A.Ş. Address : Izmir Yolu 22. Km. Nilüfer / Bursa – TURKEY Telephone : +90.224.4702700 (10 Lines) Fax : +90.224.4702710 Mobile : +90.533.5800908

E-m@il : Web : Skype : export.hastavuk

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