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Dear Sirs, I am pleased to introduce to you Rowan Elettronica. From 1979 Rowan Elettronica has...

Dear Sirs, I am pleased to introduce to you Rowan Elettronica. From 1979 Rowan Elettronica has been designing and producing motors, drives and automation accessories. The aim is to supply the automation lines and industrial machinery producers with the most productive and long lasting automation solutions. The company is one of the most interesting in the world because of its design and wide production range, the particular quality/convenience relationship given by its products and its consultancy and assistance services.

Rowan for you customers •Advice on the best automation solutions •Wide range of standard supply products among which:

-High slip motors, drivers

-G serial vectorial motors, vectorial inverters

-Threephase, Singlephase voltage regulators

-Scalar inverters

-Soft starters

-Driver for dc motors

-Main filters

-Static power converters

•Highly specialised personnel •New technology studied, exclusive patents •Printed circuit masters and applicable electrical drawings •Constantly updated informatics system •Mechanical prototype production and testing •Incoming and outgoing product control coordination •Specific and individual tests for each product •System installation, setting and checking •Direct, immediate and continuous help ("On Line" service)

Special Applications

Conveyor lines, Press Synchronism, Packaging, Marble cutting machines, Tool machines, Lapping machines, Drying and extruders machines, Food production lines, Goldsmith field, Cutting Synchronism systems, Metal polishing and cleaning systems, Automatic storage, Leather field, Compressor field, Polystirene cutting lines.

or more in general, customized solution in automation and industrial applications.

For more information please visit:

If you are interested in Rowan's products please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Best Regards

Carlo Parmigiani Marketing and Sales Consultant mobile: +39 3403686732

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