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Dear Dr., I send my Cv for vacancy in veterinary medicine/ I work in LTD Vetbiochem Moskow Russya...

Dear Dr., I send my Cv for vacancy in veterinary medicine/ I work in LTD Vetbiochem Moskow Russya – expert of veterinary medicals. I have 60 science articles, 25 registration in Russya generic veterinary medicals, 2 patent (medicals: Beridon and Dermacid), 1 write the Book (rodenta). My interesting immigration your in country. I seach the work with study English. Inform Please result, publish my CV in web site. Best regards Kostromitinov Nikolay Ph dd veterinary medicine specilizirt in pharmacology and toxicology.


Nikolai A. Kostromitinow Post address: Moskow, Balashicha 22mkr Str. Sverdlova 40-135 Phone: (+7 495) 9153330937 E mail; Career summary: • Yuli 2006 – now time LTD Vetbiochem, expert of veterinary medicals, Moskow • january 2001 –2006iuly Cheaf departament veterinary pharmacology and toxicology , Experimental veterinar medicin Institute, Moscow • June 1999- january 2001 - Product manager, Moscow representative Office “Balkanpharma” AD (Bulgar) • december 1996- june 1999 – Product manager, Moscow representative Office Hemofarm DD (Yugoslavia) • december 1995- december 1996 – Veterinary representative, Moscow representative Office DADvet (Jordan) • september 1987- december 1995 – Leading scientist , Experimental veterinar medicin Institute, Moscow • september 1980- september 1987 – Post-graduate, work in agriculture of Kirovskiy area and veterinar medicin labs Kirow • iuly 1982- january 1984 - Post-graduate, work in school by teacher a biology, pedagogic.

Competencies: The methods of the diagnosis of the infectious and uninfectious diseases The methods of the clinical and pathalogic-anatomical researches of the infectious and uninfectious diseases of the cattle and pigs. The biochemical, hematological, immunological, microbiological researches. The experience in the field of the statistic data handling. Reports and analysis. The experimental researches in the field of: pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, pharmacological characteristics of the new and complex veterinary medicines. The experimental researches of the modeling on the laboratory animals (mice, guinea-pigs, rabbits) of the infectious diseases (salmonollosis, pasteurellosis, colibacillosis, paratuberculosis and others). The work with the laboratory animals, to wit: mice, guinea-pigs, rabbits, hamsters). The different kinds of the injections (hypodermic, intramuscular). The chemical researches for the definition of the residual quantities of the preparations in the biological substrate and in the liquid (photocolometricly, spectrocolormetricly). The methods of the definition of the sulfanilamides, nitorfurans, antibiotics). The definition in vitro and in vivo of the activity of the chemotherapeutic (including antibiotics) medicines with respect to the microorganisms. The methods of the growing of the microorganisms on the nutrient mediums. Its further identification with serologic, biochemical and morphological method.

• The experience in the field of the medicinal forms making and application of the complex veterinary medicines on the farming animals. to assist Marketing Manager in developing annual plan and preparing local proposals/budgets for promotional projects, to carry out various local market research, to devise methods and procedures for obtaining necessary data • to develop and revise strategies and promotional projects specifically related to assigned medicaments (mainly generics), based on related local marketing information • to prepare analysis and reports on progress of instituted plans and programs relating to stated sales • to plan goals and tasks for regional representatives, to develop local market strategies, creative and informative promotional inputs, visual aids, detailing stories, reporting systems, competitions, incentive schemes • to control promotional activities, assuring maximum return on investment, to initiate remedial actions to bring accomplishments in line with planed • to communicate with distributors in order to co-ordinate mutual efforts in sales development • to work on new products • to develop and maintain relations with opinion leaders influencing therapeutic standards, essential drugs’ list • to co-ordinate advertising and printing agencies, selection of the most effective carries • to recruit and train new staff on promotional campaigns

Achievements: The researches for the identification of the microorganisms in the nutrient mediums: Salmonella, Pasteurellas, Escherichia coli. Its biochemical, microbiological, morphologic, pathogenic state was studied. On the laboratory mice model the pathogenic characteristics of these microbes were studied. The process of the modelling of the salmonollosis at the mice as well as colibacillosis. On the modell of the experimental infected by salmonollosis and colicacillosis mice, rabbits and calves was studied the therapeutic efficiency of the complex preparation consisted of the sulfanilamides, nitrofurans, detergents and antibiotics. The clinical features of the infectious deseases at the calves and pigs. The diagnostics of the deseases, biochemical, gematologic and immunologic researches of the blood as well as the definition of the pathogene from faeces and blood. During the pathoanatomical examination the was excreted the pathogene from the tissue and the organs of the animal. The excretion of the microorganism followed by its identification and the definition of its resistance to the preparation. The study of the pharmacological activity of the preparations, its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic features both during the infectious diseases and on the healthy animals. The working out of the new complex veterinary medicines (liquid, powdery and in granules as well as in tablets). The definition of the residual qualities of the sulfanilamides, nitrofuranes in the biological liquid and rabbits, calves and pigs tissue. The study of the pharmacokinetics the pointed medicines on the rabbits, calves and pigs. The biochemical, gemathological, immunological examination of the blood at the ill people with infectious diseases (Salmonella, Pasteurellas, colicacillosis), at healthy people and during the period (as well as after it) of the medicines using. The normative-technical documentation of the complex preparation and its registration in the veterinary department of the Ministry of Health, the Russian Federation. On the basis of the received results was conducted its analyze and statistical data manipulations.

• system of planing and reporting for regional representatives including unit and currency accomplishments versus the plan • system of whole price-list delivery to the regional units of all Moscow distributors, co-ordinate scheme of activities “distributor-representative” to maintain regional sales • monthly data base of regional sales (units, currency, partners) • several competitions for whole price-list sales among the municipal veterinar - pharmacies in 11 biggest Russian towns • organization and undertaking the studies on studying pharmacological efficiency of veterinary medication • preparing documentation for undertaking the registrations of veterinary medicines in Russia • volumetric analysis of market in Russia on veterinary preparations • study and full analysis an situation on infectious diseases of bestial and birds in Russia • organized special events (exhibitions, conferences, presentations etc) • treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases of bestial, sheduling the plans of preventive actions an undertaking the small operations • diagnostics of infectious and parasite diseases of bestial, determination microorganism challenging diseases of bestial, toxicological biomaterial study • more than 50 product visual images for informational materials, medical periodic, specialized medical books, exhibition materials, transport

Education: 20 april – 20 may 2009 GMP certification July 2000- trading certificate “Sales Trading International” programme “Developing Key Accounts”, september 1987- september 1990 Research Institute of Experimental Veterinar Medicin, Ph.D. degree in veterinar medicin; july 1982- july 1984 Pedagogical Institute; M.S. a teacher of biology; september 1980- september 1974 Agricultural Institute; M.S. a veterinar medicin doctor.

Special write: English write, German write PC literate: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Internet Explorer, Internet Mail Presentational skills

Psychological characteristics: Enthusiastic, achievement-oriented, communicative, quality driven and flexible, imaginative

Interests and activities: Psychology of communication and sales, PC graphics, modern music

Personal data: Born August 19 1958, Kirow. Married. I have children – Anteunetta.

My diissertations work: Ph.degry B Farmacotoxicological evaluation and efficacy of mycotil with res

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