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Dear Sir Im Rabia from pimak Industrial Kitchen Factory Turkey Istanbul I want to give you a...

Dear Sir Im Rabia from pimak Industrial Kitchen Factory Turkey Istanbul

I want to give you a brief about our company, which is a 4 factories quickly create powerful and high quality We are a group of Turkish companies Pimak all the requirements for the manufacture of kitchen equipment and for, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, schools and military and mobile kitchens ..... and participating contracting global highest quality and sizes as required .... 1 all kinds of grills chicken and lamb electricity gas and coal. 2-all kinds of machines shawarma coal or electricity or gas .. 3-Burners shawarma 4-all kinds of cooker or oven with cabinet infrastructure or empty by measuring the desired shape ..... 5 ovens potatoes measurements required. 6- convectional ovens 7 pastry-cake ouven ,work with Gas or Electric .. 8-makers toast forms and measurements of many different .. 9 Fryers potatoes and vegetables existing sizes or blessed by you .... 10-cooker soupe electricity .. 11 machine crepe .... 12-Grills bread 13 Salmandr 14 grills coal-fired or gas or electricity 15. cooker supply hot restaurants and hotels 16. all kinds of juices 17 machines, coolers juice 18. dough machines of different sizes 19. machinery sectors vegetables 20. all machines and devices to prepare vegetables 21. bread slicers 22 Machines chop the meat and form meatballs 23. washing machines in the line of barges or normally ... 24. Service Unit will roll all kinds of measurements and decorations by shop required ..... 25. refrigerators offer 26. refrigerators pasta 27. refrigerators for meat or vegetables or preparing pizza measurements required by shop and vertical or horizontal formats that work under the table or table which work 28-refrigerators, display or display meat and milk derivatives 29. cold rooms of all sizes, non-steel or plastic panele 30-racks ground or Wall Maúdat wash basin size and shape desired 31 carriages are all sizes of steel 32. trays ....... For all of our products are manufactured by us and stainless steel (non-rusting) We ask to you brother, that To visit our website for the company in order to find out on some of our products we have four factories of the same company For the manufacture of most of the required speed, high quality and reasonable prices, and recorded how the quantity is what we are willing to work with you to We the heads of the company and the workers, the company and the most accurate the technician everything You can be our customers buy our good and salears in your country Can you are doing distributors for our goods in your country I am a director of the Foreign Trade for groupe factory Pimak At your service all your projects and your requests Union and we want to work with you and gather your strength with our strength in order to reach the goal together, God willing, Waiting for your answer with my respects and greetings . (Pimak Web catalogue english ) FOR DİSCOUNT OF PRİCE WE CAN TALK ABOUT AFTER

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