Butalal for Import Food Stuff, a company in Manama

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HIPM GROUP Food Beverage Exporting Dear Sir We are HIPM GROUP one of the Food Beverage...

HIPM GROUP Food Beverage Exporting

Dear Sir

We are HIPM GROUP one of the Food Beverage exporting company in Middle East, Representative the most successful Food Agencies in the world, and proud to present the new international food commodities products agencies from different countries, the commodities export to you from original sources, with high qualification and competitive prices; meeting you demands whatever quantities your markets needing to, easy smoothly procedures in payments, for wholesales Importers, Merchants, Shopping Malls, Importing companies…EST. We have different Food Beverage commodities such as Sugar, Flour, Corn, All kind of Oil, Olive Oil, Fruit Vegetable, Chocolate, Tea Coffee, Spaghetti, Pickles, Seafood, poultry, Meat Chicken. Hot Chocolate Mix and juices Bean Grain Products Noodles Powder Drinks Rice and Instant Soup, Canned Beverage, Canned Beans Canned Dairy Products Canned Energy Drinks Canned Grain Products Canned Juices, Canned Mushrooms Truffles Canned Nuts Kernels Canned Nuts Kernels Canned Poultry Meat Canned Seafood Canned Soft Drinks Canned Vegetables Other Canned Food, In addition to especial buying orders.

Your service is our main goal to find what you are looking for, for further information, your visit to our website will be pleasure, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your time.


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