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Dear Mr Im free to adress you by mail. I m sorry for the disturbe I looking for club or...

Dear Mr

Im free to adress you by mail.

I m sorry for the disturbe I looking for club or national team ? If you nead coach with more exeperience , please contact me

I send you something abaot me and my CV.

Advanse thank you for your efforts

My name is Vinko Rossi , born sept 21st 1964.Croata I have high level coaching experience since 1989.until now. I worked with age groups in clubs and national team, and coached senior teams as well. I was leader of Camps of Croatian water polo federation, and twice assistant coach in winning european gold medal for senior national team. In club level I was head coach of JADRAN and POSK, participating in LEN trophy and Adriatic League. On international club stage I coach head REUS PLOMS , Spain and DOUAI, France where I was made remarkable success I also coached the swimming club Reus Ploms with which I participated at the Championships of Catalonia and the Spanish Cup . 3 months ago I worked with Turkey's water polo national team, which is preparing for qualification for the European Championship, and now I work in Switzerland as head coach of the water polo team Montreux to the 15th 06 2014. Currently I am looking for a new job opportunity. In attachment I am sending you my CV,

If you are intersted,you can contact me

I would like work in your Country , and I m sure that i can to help in your waterpolo development

Kinde regards

Vinko Rossi

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