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Dear Sir, Greetings We are looking for a reliable Importer cum Distributor in ‘BAHRAIN’ for...

Dear Sir,


We are looking for a reliable Importer cum Distributor in ‘BAHRAIN’ for our high quality processed food products and would like to know your interest in becoming one

“G.D Foods Manufacturing [ India ] PVT. LTD” – one of the leading FMCG India based company engaged in processing International Marketing of following range of products under various variants pack sizes

Product Range :- Jams, Tomato Ketchup, Pickles, Instant Mixes, Custard Powder, Culinary Sauces, Jelly, Vermicelli, Corn Flakes, Baking Powder, Cookies, Vinegar etc.

The “GD Foods Group” established in 1985 headquartered at New Delhi/ India owns ISO-22000, FSSAI, HACCP compliant certified manufacturing units _located at various strategic places in India, registered with USFDA / in process of Kosher, Halal certifications is well known in the national International markets for its flagship brands “TOPS’ “ROYAL TASTE” which are available in African, European, Middle East, South East Asian North American countries

All our Units operate under strict quality control standards, ensuring the superior quality of all products

To know more about our complete range of Products Commercial details, please log on to our company’s and advise us the products that are of interest to you.

Being a professionally managed company in the business of Processed Foods products understanding your interest for the same – we takes this opportunity to contact you to initiate business dialogues with your esteemed organization

Kindly review advise along with the profile of your company, enabling us to proceed further accordingly

Dear Sirs; Have a good day.We are an Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables supplier.We can...

Dear Sirs;

Have a good day.We are an Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables supplier.We can provide the following this season:

1 Garlic Variety: normal white garlic Sizes: 2-3-4cm, 4cm, 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 6.5cm and up

1620.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE Packing: 10, 15 kg mesh bags Container Capacity: •40 ft container takes 24 MT for Carton Box. •40 ft container takes 25 MT for Mesh Bags. 2 Onion Onion without roots, hairs, no worm eaten, no clay, no putrefaction. Varity: Yellow (Golden) Onions (January to June). Sizes: (40 / 60 60 / 80 80 / 100 mm).

485.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port Packing: 25 KG mash bags.

10 KG mash bags. Shipping: Container 40 ft takes 25 TON.

3 Green Pepper Type: Pimento (Sweet). Size: Large, Medium and Small.

967.5 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE Packing: 5 Kg carton. Shipment: 40 ft HC Container takes 20 MT

4 1) Tomato Variety: Silka Size : 6- 9 Cm Color : Dark Red

2) 890.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE.: Packing: For Tomato: Packing: 5 KG / Carton

5 Potato Varieties:(Spontta-Kara-Lady Rosetta-Nicola-Diamante-Hermes)

Specification: Color: Natural color Yellow. Grown in mud land or desert land from 65:75 day Sizes: 33/43, 55/75, 75/80, 80/90 CM and up. Quality Certificates: FDA (US Food Drugs Association) global standard quality certificate. Optimum Temperature: Purpose of use Temperature Relative Humidity Potato 7° C 98 %% Manufacture Potato 10:15° C 95 %%

530.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE Packing available: 25 KG New PP Bags 10 KG New PP Bags Jumbo Bags 1000 KG Jumbo Bags 1250 KG. Container reefer 40 FT takes 25 MT.

6 Lemon Lemon varieties available: Adalia: Size: 80, 88, 100, 105, 113, 125, 138, 165.

Lemom(Lime) Adalia: 980.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE.

1520.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE. Packing Available: • Net weight 15 KG / Gross weight 16 KG • Net weight 8 KG / Gross weight 8.775 KG Container capacity: • Tons per container: 24 Tons. • Pallets per container: 20 pallets.

7 Watermelon Product Type: Giza Weight: 20-10 kg in carton

537.5 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE. Packaging: 2, 4 Fruit / Carton as client request Container capacity: 40 feet takes 22 MT (1100 cartons) on 20 pallets. 55 carton per pallet.

8 Peach: Varieties: Sweet fresh peach

1597.50 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE. Packing: 10 punnets in carton, Each punnet takes 1/2 kilo Quantity per container: 22 ton

9 Apricot Varieties: Sweet fresh apricot Sizes: Small – medium – large Quantity per container: 20 MT

1027.5 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE Packing: Opened top cartons, 3 or 5 Kg

11 Grapes Varity: flame, crimson, red globe, king ruby , superior . 1675.00 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE Packing: 5 Kg carton in plastic bags or in 10 punnet.

Shipping: Container 40 ft takes 17 TON.

12 White Beans 1670.0 USD/Ton CNF Jebel Ali port-UAE. Packing : 15 kg bags or as the client request 2. Country of Origin:


  1. Sampling, Weight, , , Size determination

SGS OR (any inspection international house as per mutual agreement) made inspection at the loading port of Alexandria -Egypt. 95%% of invoice value shall be paid based on Certificates of Weight and Quality issued by SGS at the loading port. Inspection costs at loading port shall be at Seller’s account.

SGS will do inspection at the discharging port in UAE. The balance 5%% value payable against Seller’s final invoice and original or a copy of these certificates of weight and quality issued at the discharging port. SGS certificates shall be issued within sixty five (40) days after custom clearance. Inspection costs shall be at Buyer’s account. If the buyer delays more than 65 days after custom clearance, the seller have the right to present the documents based on the certificate of quality a certificate of weight at loading port to get his balance payment 5%%.

  1. Time of Shipment:

The quantity () of ……has to be arrived into------Port,UAE. The detention period is 14 days free from the cargo arrive date to the destination port Port of Shipment: Alexandria Port-Egypt Port of Discharge: -------UAE Partial Shipment:. Trans-shipment:.

  1. Mode of Payment:

By letter of credit: The buyer shall open an irrevocable confirmed letter of credit covering 100%% of total CFR cargo value deduct the all charges mentioned above at discharging port.The Buyer’s shall pay 95%% of the total shipment cargo value based on certificate of weight and certificate of quality issued by SGS at loading port against the original full set of shipping documents presented by Letter of credit.

If you have any questions,feel free to contact us.Hope we can co-operate.

Best Regards; Eng.Ghada Salah Sales Marketing Department


Address: 8, El Horreya Road, Alexandria- Egypt Tel. :( +203) 4801291 :( +203) 4801298 Fax: (+203) 4801273 E-mail: URL:

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