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Dear Mr. Omar Habib Thank you to your interes to contact for me, When I see your firma and your...

Dear Mr. Omar Habib Thank you to your interes to contact for me, When I see your firma and your jobs, we have more interesing bussines for my country- Slovenia and Europa and to your country, because i working with same projects for industry, factory and same goods for same country. My firma working montage, reconstruction, tehnologies for more industry for all Slovenia, EXjugoslav and Europa, we have 30 years traditions and have referens Renault, Audi, peugeot, Zastava, Bmw, Durr, Fiat, this is car industry, rafinery oil, food industry, chemical industry, beer industry, water industry, bio industry, , hospital industry, building industry, house industry, ship yards factory,......more and more,we have more xcontacts in nexth country Europa, Slovenia, Italia,Germany, France, Nederlands, Great Brittain, Brazilia, Argentina, China-republic, Indonesia- republic, Russia,,.....Very interesing for aircraft industry We are very small, but very elastic and high tehnologies and very security For your firma and your partners I have projects for buying the Europian firms, we have board for this firms and we produced in Europa and working new factory in your country or partners, very interesing, because this projects same financing EU Fond 40-60%% comlete projects, this is interesing China people, maybe you interesing to buy ind sales in EU same oil and gas products, maybe wanted buy same banks. Slovenija very interesing to job and bussines for Europa and to all World. Maybe your interesing open officess in Novo mesto Slovenia, with 10 or 20 people working and start to industry and factory, I have 660m2 place to biro, I have small hotel 40 rooms, in Novo mesto is very simple town with perfect big hospital, 3x terme hotels, and KRKA farmaciaa factory To first information is good and please answer best regards Kos Boris 00386-41-613452

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