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Respected Sir/Madam, i hope you are enjoying your professional life. ...

Respected Sir/Madam,

i hope you are enjoying your professional life. i am working in Bahrain since 6 academic qualification is Graduation. Actually Sir, i would like to take admission in RRC International for Nebosh Occupational Health and Safety Course. The .Course fee is BD 650/.due to low salary i can not afford the huge amount of course fee. is this possible you organization provide me some .Kind of help?




NASIR KHAN P.O.RangPoor Baghoor Tehsil NurPur Thal Distt.Khushab. Punjab, Pakistan .Post Code.41320. Cell No.00923007784940. Respected Sir, I have the honour to submit my Resume for a Suitable Position in Special Education Department in your worthy organization where I would like to apply my skills and knowledge gained during my Seventeen years of teaching and management experience.

Your establishment attracts me because of its reputation and I believe that the opportunity of working for a prestigious institution like yours would provide me with valuable experience. In return I hope to provide you with high standard of efficiency to meet your expectations. I aim to offer my service for your organization and assure you, with full confidence that I will perform my duties to your entire satisfaction by means of hard work, perseverance and devotion. I’m very much organized and self-motivated worker, but I do enjoy working as a team player. My belief is that since we spend the majority of our lives in the workplace, work should be a pleasant experience. Not only has this kept those under my supervision satisfied, it has enabled me to run the most efficient workgroups at my present job. would like to continue my success under your direction in your esteemed establishment.

I do possess 10 years experience of working as Special Education Teacher in Special Education Deptt.Govt.of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. I trust my application will receive a warm consideration I would be highly obliged to have the opportunity of working at your esteemed establishment.

If my experience and management philosophy are attractive to you, please, feel free to contact me at 00923007784940.Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Nasir Khan

c Dear Sir, Assalam Alikaum We are a registered company in Maldives. Our company name is SEA...


Dear Sir,

Assalam Alikaum We are a registered company in Maldives. Our company name is SEA ROSE MALDIVES PVT LTD, and registration number is C-0537/2011. Our prime goal in business is to export dried and salted fish to Sri lanka mainly. In this regard we have been doing this business for a while but with a very less quantity. In order to run this business in profitable way, the best thing to do is to increase the volume of exports to Colombo. Here, we need to increase our export volume and maximize our profit this year and the years to come. Though this is our vision, we are unable to expand our business due to financial difficulty. In this regard we request you to aid us in financial investments.

Our future goals in this business are to expand and maximize its profits. Then open a charity foundation in Maldives to aid people in needs. As well as it our prime vision to send people to Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage. This chance will be provided to old and poor people who do not have any mean to go to Saudi Arabia and perform this important prayer. And also the foundation will aid disabled people, small children who have been abandoned by their parents and also widowed women who are really in need of our aid and help.

The aid and helping process will go independently and transparently if we have the chance to setup this foundation with the help of expanding our business. In this manner a percentage of our income from the company will be attached to this foundation and its aiding funds. We will also send you all the details on how the loans and how the charity foundation works. In this way we will send you all the accounting details also.

So we really need your kind aid in making our business expand and to open this charity foundation in Maldives. It would be really generous of you if you could aid us in this endeavor provide us with this loan within your charity aid.

We wish you and your family a very joyful life in this world as well as life after this world and we pray almighty Allah to bestow you and your family Jannathul Firdaws on the day of Qiyaamth. Ameen

Thank you so much

Yours Truly,

Moosa Manik Managing Director Mobile: 00960 7577758 Mail:

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