Al A'ali and Al Sayed Transport and Excavation, a company in Manama

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Al A\'ali and Al Sayed Transport and Excavation...

Al A'ali and Al Sayed Transport and Excavation Manama Kingdom of Bahrain

For the attention of: Purchasing Manager

Dear Sir,

Re: Request for our registration in the list of vendors.

We are a trading company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We offer a wide range of known global brands of products and services.

We are registered in the commercial activities and government ministries and institutions in the private and public sectors and large companies and contractors in Bahrain for the supply of various materials, and we are pleased to offer you a few of our list as follows:

FENNER (auto belts): industrial belts, power transmission belts, and links to Star, jaw binomial, links , and links to gear, and flexible joints, flexible joints Bush type, spiral column of the funds gears, etc..

AMARON (Batteries) 18 Months warranty.

COMMA (Oil, Lubrication, Grease & Cleaning Products etc): Cleaner hand, cream barrier, lithium grease based on the intensity of high-fat, fat, belts, complex links the world, and absorbent granules oil, oils, penetrating oil, oil and hydraulic oil diesel , etc..

We also deal with all kind of consumers of industrial needs.

In this regard, we wish you to register us in the list of vendors for your company. Fax or e-mail to enable us to provide the most competitive prices we have.

If you need any clarification do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone Sadanand Pillay 39258555 or, Mr. Ali. 36611372

Thank you in advance and we look forward to receiving your call you and Yours.

Mr. Ali Yagoob Yousef Business Development Manager Tammam Motors Web:

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