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Dear Sir/Madam Is really a pleasure to introduce our company (Edbon Management Consult) to you...

Dear Sir/Madam Is really a pleasure to introduce our company (Edbon Management Consult) to you. We are an international recruiting agency in Ghana that recruits skilled and non-skilled workers to some countries in the Middle East, particularly to Qatar. We have in the past one and half years supplied construction workers like masons, steel fixers, carpenters, helpers, plumbers, electricians, Tilers and painters to companies like, Dulsco Qatar, ITCC and Group 3 and still continuing. We had the privilege to know about your company through surfing the internet for health sector jobs in Qatar for our clients. We recruit workers for all sectors of the economy including health, construction, hospitality, security, waste management and etc. Our desire to contact your company arise from the fact that we share something in common( recruitment of construction workers) and the good reputation you have built for yourself as a company We currently hold about 100 clients each in the above mentioned sectors who are willing to be on the next available flight to Qatar. Ghanaian workers are determined, hardworking,dedicated, focused, more efficient and effective and loyal and would be more than willing to help push the target of your company to higher height at a comparatively cheaper price. These attribute of our clients puts them more competitive in the Qatar job market testified by the companies we have supplied before and I would like to send my company profile to you for review if my proposal is considered. We would be much excited to hear from you soonest so that we deliberate more on making things happen between us. Thank you.

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