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Sir, we are construction candied provider 1) TILE...

Sir, we are construction candied provider 1) TILE MASONS 2) BRICK MASONS 3) MASONS (ALL-ROUNDER) 4) ELECTRICIANS 5) PLUMBER 6) WELDER 7) CARPENTER CUM STEEL FIXER 8) PAINTERS 9) GYPSUM WORKERS 10) MASONS HELPERS SIR, all candied for india kolkata, candied have gluf experienced with gulf visa page certified holder, our candieds working in BMC BAHRAIN MOTORS COMPANY, dar al khaleej w.l.l if you have any vacancy so replay contract........0091 8371863985 THANKS

DRIDIH DENT Dental – Dental Implant Tourism BUKAREST --...

DRIDIH DENT Dental – Dental Implant Tourism BUKAREST -- ROMANIA

To Whom It May Concern My name is MITACU HORIA and I am the marketing manager at a dental clinic in Romania specialized in dental tourism. We are looking for people interested in promoting our business in Europe, UK. Dental services that we are offering are of the highest quality and our prices are up to 6 times lowest than in the rest of Europe. We provide patients besides dental services, also accommodation and travel packages all inclusive. Those who want to represent us will have the opportunity to develop their own business without investment. Revenues will be limited only by your desire to engage, representing a percentage of the treatment for each patient recruited. This percentage, even at our very low prices, canbring you revenue per patient. For more details or any other information about us please visit our websites:

Dr. Dorin Risnoveanu tel. (0040723) 361 347- english ;

DRIDIH DENT Dental – Dental Implant Tourism BUKAREST -- ROMANIA With the adhesion to the European Union, Romania has become an interesting destination for business, travels and simultaneously solving dental problems at much lower prices and a quality similar to other European countries.

Quality of the dental treatment in Romania is often even higher than in developed countries. During the last years there have been extensive investments in equipment performance, highest quality materials as well as in specialization courses. Dental tourism may reach high levels in our country due to the low cost of interventions. In Romania, according to the case, the price of most treatments can get to be 4-6 times lower than, for example, in the UK, Germany and Italy.

With our dental tourism programs, patients from other countries and Romanians residing abroad, have the opportunity to visit the picturesque regions of Romania, benefitting at the same time from a complete dental treatment for much more attractive prices than in the countries in Western Europe. We offer Romanian patients in other countries as well as foreign patients the opportunity to benefit from our elite services.

In short, all you have to do is send us the following items via email:

A dental radiography based on which we will perform the consultation at a distance. The budget you are willing to allocate for the tourism in Romania. The period in which you are available to make the trip Selection of the hotel class related to the accommodation for the period of your stay and your favorite forms of entertainment or your hobbies.

Subsequently, we will provide you with the following information via email:

Establishing the treatment plan (duration and hours) Establishing an estimative cost for the dental treatment and dental work Establishing the routes (seaside, mountain, cities, historical, religious sites, etc.) depending on the sessions with the dentist and the costs for visiting the sites Providing accommodation for advantageous prices Drawing up the papers for the reimbursement of the medical services with the Health Insurance Fund where you have concluded your insurance. Other proposals for spending leisure time in Bucharest and in Romania. Dr. Dorin Risnoveanu tel. (0040723) 361 347- english General and Implant Dentists

Dear Sirs, Please employ our 10-20 workers (negotiable) in your reputed company, and in return of...

Dear Sirs, Please employ our 10-20 workers (negotiable) in your reputed company, and in return of that special favor, we will do your ISO 9001 international/Bahraini business standards and rules, by totally FREE of cost, so, you may easily save up to BD.6000.- (average) and thus, we guarantee an incredible daily work/process measurement monitor package to “Double Your Profit” challenge. Please see our email and presentation in this regard, and we are confident, you can’t afford to miss it at all. Thanks and best regards, Moh’d Shams A. Han, ISO Advisor, Partner: American Global Standards, USA, Tel: 39763211, Email:

To whom it may concern, ÇEKSAN has been in the street sweeping industry since 1989 and mainly...

To whom it may concern,

ÇEKSAN has been in the street sweeping industry since 1989 and mainly focusing on two types of Street Sweepers: Truck-Mounted vacuum type street sweepers and Tractor-Towed Mechanical street sweepers. Our company is known as a leader in the sector with a talented engineer team and fast production, able to produce custom made street sweepers designed for local requirements.

With the help of the above mentioned flexibility CEKSAN became one of the major suppliers of Israel market (a market where the quality requirements are very strict). In addition to Israel, our machines are sweeping the roads in Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Having close relation with the end users has always been our priority. This closeness with the customers enabled us to develop our machines and be the innovator of many systems in the street sweeping industry.

Please do visit our web page, where you can find pictures and videos of our products (

We have also started a new project in the area of Truck-Mounted vacuum sweepers. We will be producing our machines in such a way that it will be possible to mount them on the truck very easily at the exporting country.

Best Regards,

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