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Major Banks in Bahrain

You can also see the listing of audit companines in Bahrain.

Auditor Name PO BOX Office Building Address Country Phone Code Phone Number
Global Banking Corporation B.S.C. (c)14865th Floor, Chamber of Commerce Building9731719-1719
Al Baraka Islamic Bank1882Jardenya Building, 3rd Floor, Gudaibiya9731753-1753
Shamil Bank of Bahrain B.S.C.3005Sheraton Complex, 14th Floor9731758-1758
HDFC Bank20246Office 44, 4th Floor, Al Zamil Towers9731657-1657
Investment Dar Bank B.S.C.(c)757511st Floor, Bahrain Car Parks Building, Manama9731749-1749
Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions21479Diplomatic Area, Falcon Tower, 8th Floor9731720-1720
Al Salam Bank - Bahrain18282Yateem Centre, 5th Floor, Manama9731755-1755
Khaleeji Commercial Bank BSC10006Mahooz9731750-1750
Future Bank7852nd Floor, Awal Building, Govt Road, Manama9731750-1750
Bank Alfalah Limited1375Al Saie Building, Govt Avenue9731720-1720
Calyon Credit Agricole CIB5410UGB Building, 5th Floor, Diplomatic Area9731756-1756
Bahraini Saudi Bank B.S.C.1159UGB Building, 5th Floor, Diplomatic Area9731757-1757
United Bank Ltd.546Diplomatic Area9731722-1722
Addax Investment Bank1115914th Floor, Bahrain Tower, Manama9731755-1755
Benefit Company B.S.C. (c), The2546Falcon Tower, Diplomatic Area9731749-1749
Habib Bank Ltd.566Yateem Centre 71, 4th Floor,9731722-1722
State Bank of India, Wholesale Bank (Branch)54661st Floor, Bahrain Car Parks Building, Manama9731750-1750
Global Banking Corporation B.S.C. (c)1486BMB Building, 5th Floor, Dip Area9731719-1719
Oasis Capital Bank991Building UNKNOWN9731750-1750
Ahli United Bank B.S.C.2424Office 44, 4th Floor, Al Zamil Towers9731758-1758
BBK BSC597Unitag House, 1st Flr,9731722-1722
BMB Investment Bank797Diplomatic Area9731753-1753
International Investment Bank B.S.C. (c)11616Al Moayyed Tower, 37th Floor9731756-1756
Investcorp Bank B.S.C.5340Investcorp House Diplomatic Area9731753-1753
Ithmaar Bank BSC (c)2820Addax Tower, 10th Floor, Seef District9731758-1758
Shamil Bank of Bahrain B.S.C.3005Seef Tower, Al Seef District9731758-1758
TAIB Bank B.S.C. (c)20485TAIB Tower, Diplomatic Area9731754-1754
The International Banking Corporation1230Bahrain Commercial Complex, 3rd Floor9731756-1756
Alubaf Arab International Bank B.S.C (c)11529Wind Tower, 2nd Floor, Diplomatic Area9731751-1751
European Islamic Investment Bank Plc1660Al Zamil Tower, 14th Floor9731750-1750
Kuwait Finance House (Bahrain) BSC(c)2066Delmon Bldg, Govt Road, Manama9731722-1722
International Investment Bank B.S.C. (c)11616Al Moayyed Tower, 37th Floor9731756-1756
ABC Islamic Bank (E.C.)2808Dip. Area, ABC Tower 2nd Floor9731754-1754
Allied Banking Corporation20493Bahrain Tower, 11th Floor9731722-1722
Arab Bank plc813Diplomatic Area, Manama9731754-1754
Arab Banking Corporation5698ABC Tower, Diplomatic Area9731754-1754
Arcapita Bank B.S.C.(c)1406Batelco Commercial Centre9731721-1721
Merrill Lynch International Bank Ltd. (Wealth Management) 10399BMB Bldg, Dip. Area9731752-1752
National Bank of Bahrain106NBB Tower9731722-1722
Nomura Investment Banking (M.E.) B.S.C. (c)268937th Floor, BMB Bldg, Dip Area9731752-1752
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.5850Standard Chartered Bank Bldg., 6th Floor9731722-1722
UBS AG - Wealth Management5560Bahrain World Trade Centre, 28th Floor, West Tower-1B9731751-1751
UBS Global Asset Management2920Bahrain World Trade Centre West Tower, 1B-28th Floor9731751-1751
Arab Bank plc813Diplomatic Area, Manama9731754-1754
Standard Chartered Bank29Govt. Avenue9731722-1722
National Bank of Abu Dhabi5247Al Seef District 428, Bldg 2611, Rd 28339731755-1755
Al Baraka Islamic Bank1882Diplomatic Area9731753-1753
Al Wasl International Group21330Exhibition Road9731731-1731
Bank Alfalah Limited1375Bahrain Financial Harbour9731720-1720
European Islamic Investment Bank Plc1660Al Zamil Tower, 14th Floor9731750-1750
Gulf Finance House (Investment Bank)10006Diplomatic Area9731753-1753
Gulf International Bank B.S.C.1017Al-Dowali Bldg, 3 Palace Ave., Manama9731753-1753
HSBC Bank Middle East Ltd.57Seef Area9731756-1756
Investment Dar Bank B.S.C.(c)75751Al Zamil Tower, 5th Floor, Manama9731749-1749
Mutual Trading House SPC26485Bldg 525, Road 4614, Sanad 6469731368-1368
Oryx Technologies WLL26647Um Al Hassam9731772-1772
Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions21479Bahrain Car Park Bldg, Manama9731720-1720
United International Bank18373Bldg 2431, Road 2831, Al Seef District 4289731756-1756
Al Baraka Islamic Bank B.S.C. (E.C.)1882-175343279731753-1753
Al Baraka Islamic Bank B.S.C. (E.C.)1882-175343279731753-1753
Al Baraka Islamic Bank B.S.C. (E.C.)1882-175343279731753-1753
Al-Amin Bank3190Al Baraka Tower, 3rd Floor9731753-1753
Arab Asian Bank E C5619-175311569731753-1753
Arab Investment Co5559Bldg 2309, Road 28309731758-1758
Askari Commercial Bank Ltd.11720-175295279731753-1753
Awal Bank BSC(C)1735-172023609731720-1720
Bahrain Arab International Bank E C20488Manama9731722-1722
Bahrain Development Bank BSC20501-175101389731753-1753
Bahrain International Bank5016-175772499731719-1719
Bahrain Investment Bank BSC5808-175290699731752-1752
Bank Al Habib Ltd.50786-175630719731754-1754
Bank Of Credit & Commerce INT. S.A.569-172138109731721-1721
Capital Union Bank20220-175323279731753-1753
Central Bank of Bahrain27Diplomatic Area9731754-1754
Citi Islamic Investment Bank E C548-175873579731758-1758
Citibank N.A.548-175876159731758-1758
Credit Agricole Indosuez5410-175303729731753-1753
Deniz Bank10357AL Jasrah TOwer, Office 62/63,9731754-1754
Deutsche Bank (Representative Office)20619-172266579731722-1722
First Leasing Bank1908-175624719731758-1758
First Leasing Bank1908 Mana-175624719731758-1758
General Council For Islamic Banks & Financial1290BLDG9731722-1722
Halk Bankasi A.S.11378-175367389731753-1753
Housing Bank for Trade & Finance, The5929-172242549731722-1722
ICICI Bank1494-175751889731722-1722
Islamic Trading Co5781-172916619731729-1729
JPMorgan Chase Bank368-175344159731753-1753
Koc Bank A.S.10615-175400829731754-1754
LGT Bank in Liechtenstein Ltd10498-172078279731720-1720
Link Strategies Cunsultants10763-175303659731753-1753
May Bank10470Manama9731753-1753
Mega International Commercial Bank5806-172922759731729-1729
Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.10164-175323339731753-1753
National Bank of Kuwait The (SAK)5290Seef Tower,9731758-1758
National Bank of Pakistan775-172232189731722-1722
Oyak Bank A.S1967-172143279731721-1721
Rafidain Bank607Helaleya 1, Gov Rd, Manama9731725-1725
Rafidain Bank607-172748239731725-1725
Saudi National Commercial Bank10363-175487279731752-1752
Sumitomo Bank Ltd., The20483-172222389731722-1722
Turk Ekonomi Bankasi11048-175390979731753-1753
Turkiye Is Bankas A.S10205-175482289731754-1754
Unicorn Invesment Bank31700-175650279731756-1756
United Gulf Bank5964UGB Bldg, Diplomatic Area9731753-1753
Venture Capital Bank11755-175134789731751-1751
Woori Bank1151-172225309731722-1722
Yamaichi International (Middle East) E C26894-172238839731753-1753
Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi10615-175293409731752-1752